2020 Furniture Trends for Schools

Educators are always challenged to get the most out of their school on a limited budget. While it’s not necessarily possible to construct new buildings or get all the equipment you want, there’s a lot to be gained by replacing your old school furniture with new. Every year designers come up with new and creative ways to build both indoor and outdoor school furniture that gives teachers the opportunity to create vibrant environments that encourage students to explore new ideas in a relaxed and creative atmosphere. Here are some furniture ideas to consider as you head into a new school year.

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Adapting to Technology

We’ve come a long way since classrooms were defined by students staring up at a teacher in front of a chalkboard. Schools across the country are increasingly integrating technology into their lessons by using tablets, computers, and interactive whiteboards. While these innovations are relatively new, the furniture most schools are still using were designed for different kinds of computers. If your students are using computer-friendly desks at all, they were probably designed with desktop computers in mind. Students who are using laptops don’t require work stations that allow for massive cables and computer towers, and their posture may actually suffer from using these types of desks. Educators need to consider changing how their classrooms are lit as well. By relying more on dimmers and adjustable shades and blinds, they can create learning environments that are more conducive to working with computer screens.

A Premium on Flexibility

With students using tablets and laptops, it makes no sense to confine them to traditional seating arrangements. Using mobile furniture allows educators to open up the classroom environment in a fashion that takes advantage of the personalized nature of today’s technology and encourages students to freely engage with one another. Furthermore, having furniture that can be easily rearranged allows for the seamless transitioning from one subject to the next. Stackable furniture is especially popular as well because it gives you the freedom to create as much floor space whenever you want for special assignments and can come in handy when it’s time for cleaning and maintaining the floors.

Outdoor Learning Environments

With the increased mobility prevalent in modern classrooms comes the desire to take advantage of outdoor environments. Spending some of your class time outdoors motivates students to think creatively in an atmosphere free of the stifling nature of being stuck indoors on a beautiful day. Choosing the right kinds of outdoor school benches and arranging them appropriately allows them to serve the multiple purposes of providing space for lunch and break time, as well as class assignments. Using specially marked benches such as personalized memorial benches are not only meaningful ways to pay tribute to beloved students or teachers but can act as easily identifiable markers that can aid in organizing outdoor classroom activities. Using varying colors for different areas of tables and benches can achieve the same effect.

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