4 Best Outdoor Benches for Schools

Every school playground, front walk, or other nearby outdoor area should have seating available. It allows kids to rest and gather with their friends. It provides a place for them to wait for their parent to pick them up in front of the school. It can even be a place for children who need a playmate to let others know they’re looking for a friend. So, if you don’t have a school bench in these areas, it’s important that you get one—or several—installed. But what kind should you install? Keep reading to learn more about the top 4 outdoor bench designs that are perfect for schools.

Armless Roll Formed Diamond Bench

An armless bench makes it easy for students to slide onto the seating beside one another, while the curved metal of the back and seat provide a comfortable place to sit. The slatted design prevents rainwater or spills from settling on the seat, and the thermoplastic coating over the sturdy metal protects it from rust and other damage, even vandalism.

This bench is available in a wide variety of colors so that you can select ones that match perfectly with your school’s exterior, or that show school pride by sporting your school’s colors. The diamond pattern on the back of the seat adds a bit of visual interest to the overall slatted design, giving this bench an extra touch of style.

Diamond Bench without Back

Not all seating options need backs. A backless bench allows students to sit facing either direction, making it great for seating in the center of the playground or in an area that would otherwise benefit from facing multiple directions. Like the above bench, this backless style includes a diamond pattern in the slats, though on the seat of the bench instead. It’s also available in more than a dozen colors, is crafted of incredibly sturdy steel, and has a thermoplastic finish.

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Horizontal Slatted Bench

If you’re looking for a timeless style that has the feel of a seat in central park, a horizontal slatted bench may be the right choice. This bench has a tall back for comfortable seating and back support and curved arms on each end. The predrilled mounting holes allow you to secure your bench to the concrete, so you don’t have to worry about students or visitors rearranging your outdoor seating. If you’re looking to create a sophisticated appearance for your school’s exterior, this bench is sure to make the right impression.

Northgate Bench

The arched back of this bench creates a truly unique and inviting look and adds a touch of class to your outdoor seating. The vertical slats run smoothly and seamlessly from seat to back and are constructed of steel that’s ¼” thick and 1¼” wide. The curved arms provide a comfortable armrest. Like the other benches in this list, it’s coated in a thermoplastic finish, has predrilled mounting holes, and comes in more than a dozen different colors.

There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to selecting your outdoor school furniture. As long as you purchase something that’s durable and complements your school’s exterior design, you’ve made an excellent choice. The 4 styles listed above are among the top choices for school benches, and they’ll make a great addition to your school. If you have questions about any of these styles or would like to order your benches, call Outdoor School Furniture at 888-719-3330 today.

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