A Guide to Buying School Tables

The tables that are used in your outdoor schoolyard will be used regularly. Whether students play games, read books, or eat meals sitting at them, they will be highly functional in a playground setting. For that reason, choosing the right outdoor school tables is important. From picnic tables to pedestal tables, here’s how you can determine the right piece of furniture for the space.

Circular Table


Determine the Purpose of the Space

Before you begin shopping for outdoor tables, you need to answer a very important question. What will students use this space for? Are you looking for tables to fill a common space? If so, are you planning on students sitting around a table or will they spend more time standing? By figuring out exactly how you intend your students to use the space, it makes it easier to choose an outdoor table.

Measure the Area

It’s important to take precise measurements before ordering outdoor furniture. Without measuring, you could end up with tables that don’t fit your space. Account for adequate space between tables as well. This allows students to move freely between tables without risk of injuring themselves or their classmates. Keep in mind that different table shapes will take up different amounts of space. Circular tables, for example, need a larger space allotment than rectangular tables.

Consider Durability

Your tables will remain outdoors throughout many different weather conditions. Rain, wind, heat, and even snow can impact the integrity of certain outdoor tables. When looking for the right furniture for your schoolyard, ensure that the material is of the highest quality. Only purchase furniture that you know can withstand the weather patterns in your area. For example, wooden tables may not be the best choice for especially rainy or humid climates instead. Perforated metal tables and benches, on the other hand, can withstand severe weather without cracking or rotting. A thermoplastic finish adds an additional layer of protection and durability.

Customize Your Colors

Just because outdoor tables are durable doesn’t mean that they can’t be aesthetically pleasing. When selecting your furniture, keep in mind the color scheme of your school. Some schools prefer to purchase tables in their school colors, promoting school spirit and adding to the color scheme that’s already in place. Others prefer to keep things neutral. Instead of buying tables in bright colors, they purchase gray, black, or white options. No matter what you choose, your tables should match the space. If you’re unsure of which color is best, consider sticking with black. Black doesn’t show dirt as much as white or grey does. It wears well and matches with any color scheme.

Rectangular Table

The school tables that you use should be weather resistant and sturdy. The right tables will last years without wearing or rusting. If you’re looking for the right outdoor tables for your school, Outdoor School Furniture can help. With exceptional service and unbeatable value, it’s the best place to find outdoor tables for your space. Discover your outdoor table options by visiting www.outdoorschoolfurniture.com.

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