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2020 Furniture Trends for Schools

Educators are always challenged to get the most out of their school on a limited budget. While it’s not necessarily possible to construct new buildings or get all the equipment you want, there’s a lot to be gained by replacing your old school furniture with new. Every year designers come up with new and creative [...]

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Perks of Buying a Buddy Bench

The idea of the buddy bench was first introduced in 2013 by a young boy named Christian. He felt his elementary school needed a designated place where students could go if they needed someone to play with. The teachers and administrators got on board, and one was soon added to their school playground; from there, [...]

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Personalized Memorial Benches: Everything You Need to Know

Furniture is used to liven up an interior or exterior space, adding both form and function to enrich our lives. Dressers look nice while storing clothing; beds make sleeping more comfortable and define the look of a room. But furniture also provides a unique opportunity for artistic expression and meaningful messages. While functional furniture is [...]

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Buddy Bench Design Trends of 2019

School should be a welcoming environment where children can learn, play, and support one another. Unfortunately, not all students feel included at school, which can be detrimental to their well-being, academic performance, and long-term success. Children are still in the process of developing communication skills, empathy, and understanding. They may not readily fit in to [...]

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