Best Personalized Bench Styles to Own in 2020

There’s no need for school benches to all be the same. It’s easy to pick a certain style or logo and stick with it, but this quickly becomes boring and repetitive. Luckily, personalizing a bench to meet your specific needs isn’t difficult to do. There are many ways to approach this, and they all have their benefits. Whether you’re looking for a particular logo, slogan, or you simply want to coordinate colors, there are plenty of ways to adjust benches to suit your needs or aesthetic.

Pink Backpack on Brown Wooden School Bench


This isn’t something people always consider, but it’s certainly worth mentioning. Schools, nonprofit organizations, and even municipalities or counties often have donors or extraordinary members of the community that they want to immortalize and celebrate. Often, this is done with a plaque or a brick that commemorates the person and their contributions. In some instances, this is done for a community partner rather than a particular individual. Either way, a bench can easily be customized to feature a name, date, or other pertinent information.

If you’d like to stick with a plaque, a plaque can be included as part of the bench itself. Memorial plaques aren’t uncommon at all, and they’re easily incorporated into the bench’s design. If you have a special person, organization, or business that’s worthy of praise and appreciation, this is a great way to customize a bench and demonstrate your gratitude at the same time.

School Spirit

Encouraging school spirit is more involved than most people think. It’s not something you can develop or maintain with only a pep rally. Ideally, school spirit should be incorporated into various facets of the educational experience and environment.

It’s easy enough to hand up banners for current events of upcoming games, but your outdoor area can be used to keep the spirit alive. Customized benches can present your school’s name, mascot, or team. It may seem like a small addition, but it can be an important one. A little bit of school pride can go a long way, and it never hurts to boost your team.

Bright Yellow Bench


It may seem odd to mention style so late, but most outdoor benches don’t vary drastically in their style. The biggest choice is whether you prefer perforated or diamond. Both are quite common, although some people may find one to be more visually appealing than the other. Diamond benches are sometimes thought to look more like park benches. Perforated benches are often preferred for player’s benches. It’s primarily dependent on whether you want something that looks like it’s for leisure or comfort, versus a bench that pairs well with teams and sports. There’s no wrong choice. The main consideration is your aesthetic or how you want to incorporate the bench in your existing area.


Color is often a bigger concern. Green benches are frequently used for parks. For a school, you probably want to stick with school colors. Blue, yellow, and navy are all quite common, although red is also popular. In most cases, color is a choice that has already been made for you, but it may allow you a little bit of flexibility. Multicolored benches are also possible.

Ultimately, the best type of personalized bench to own is the one that suits your needs, fits with your style, and delivers your message. School benches can be more versatile and adaptable than most people give them credit. Speak with Outdoor School Furniture at 1-888-719-3330 if you would like assistance or have questions.

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