Effective Ways to Buy the Best Outdoor Picnic Table

If you work in education, one of your top priorities is putting your students in the best possible position for success. Not only does this mean they’ll need talented, dedicated teachers, but you’ll want them to have all of the best equipment as well, both inside and outside the classroom. When it comes to choosing outdoor picnic tables for your school, you only have so much money to spend, so you’ll want to get the most bang for your buck. Here are some things to consider as you go shopping for your school’s outdoor furniture.

Outdoor Picnic Table in the Sunset

Create Different Neighborhoods

When purchasing metal outdoor tables, keep in mind how you plan to group them. Gone are the days where you just put out several rows of tables all in a line. Today’s outdoor picnic tables come in several different shapes and colors, allowing you to organize them in a fashion that’s aesthetically pleasing and conducive to creating different environments for eating and socializing. You’ll want enough spacing to allow for the free flow of traffic, so take advantage of that by giving students places to naturally congregate in different communities of beaches and tables and designating those neighborhoods by assigning them different colors and shapes.

Make Sure They’re Durable

There are a few basic requirements you should expect from your outdoor school furniture. Most importantly, you’ll want it to be safe, and you’ll need it to last. Fortunately, modern steel picnic tables are both if you choose wisely. The best picnic tables are made from galvanized steel, so they’ll never rust, and can provide you with years of service. Furthermore, make sure your tables have a thermoplastic finish. The coating is what gives your tables a bright, colorful look, and protects students from sharp metal corners and intense heat on sunny days.


Buying new outdoor furniture gives you the opportunity to adorn your school with benches and tables that are uniquely your own. Instead of outfitting your schoolyard with furniture that’s exactly the same as everyone else’s, why not get some of your metal benches personalized? You can imprint a logo or image with your school’s mascot. Designate a bench, a “mathematics” bench or a “Shakespeare” bench. You can even memorialize a bench in honor of a beloved student or teacher. You can decide how you’d like to personalize your bench, so you can submit the design and text yourself. Personalization adds yet another element that lends character and a sense of community to your outdoor lunch area.

Encourage Outdoor Learning

One of the advantages of upgrading your outdoor picnic tables is it gives you the chance to create new outdoor educational spaces. As you decide what types of picnic tables you want for your school, think about how they’re compatible with class time. For instance, your students will need shade if they’re going to attend classes outdoors in the middle of a sunny day. If you don’t have enough trees to provide the necessary shelter, be sure to include some picnic tables with umbrellas in your order.

Whether you’re looking for a picnic table or a picnic table with an umbrella, be sure to visit Outdoor School Furniture. We have a wide variety of every type of outdoor furniture you need to fully outfit your school. Give us a call today at (888) 719-3330.

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