How Buddy Benches Help Students Overcome Bullying

As a parent, it can be difficult to imagine your child feeling lonely or afraid while they’re at school. It’s important to give children space to explore their own ways of interacting with their peers. However, it can still be a terrifying feeling to think that your child could be in the position to be bullied. Thankfully, communities are joining together to try to think of ways to prevent bullying in schools. Kids themselves have been presenting incredible ideas on how they can fight against bullying. The buddy bench is one of those great ideas that can help! Here are a few reasons why the buddy bench is a terrific way to welcome healthy interaction and prevent bullying.

Buddy bench at school


Promoted by Kids

The buddy bench isn’t just a piece of outdoor furniture. It’s a way for kids to connect. Kids from all over the country have been requesting for them to be installed in their schools’ playgrounds. While it can be difficult for an adult to remember those awkward days on the playground, these kids are living it every day. They see firsthand how something like this can help other kids feel less lonely. When you consider all of the different ways to combat bullying in schools, we have to remember that the kids themselves are the experts in this territory, and they should be heard.

Helps Kids Communicate

The entire purpose of the buddy bench is for a child to be able to send a message about how they feel, without having to say anything at all. If a student is feeling lonely or doesn’t have anyone to talk to, they can go and sit on the buddy bench. This sends a friendly signal out to the rest of the kids that this particular child needs someone to talk to. It’s a way for them to communicate feelings without having to find the words themselves.

They Don’t Feel Like a Target

Students who feel lonely at school can sometimes feel like a target for bullying. When the time comes for free play outside, they can struggle with social interaction. This is often seen as an open invitation for bullying. The buddy bench will change that dynamic on the playground. Instead of a shy child wandering around by themselves, they can sit on the buddy bench. Other students can surround them with attention and support to prevent bullying from taking place.

Prevents Kids from Wanting to Bully

When a buddy bench is installed at your school, you might notice a sudden change in student behavior. This is because a buddy bench offers an opportunity for a kid who might become a bully to become a friend instead. Since the buddy bench sends such a clear message that a student is in need, it provides a channel for them to connect.

Two boys sitting on bench

Kids endure a lot of different emotions in one day. Sometimes those emotions can be hard for them to untangle. With a buddy bench, there are no emotions to analyze. You don’t have to question if a child is tired and wants to be alone, or if they’re lonely and in need of support. That clear message helps them become friends rather than enemies.

If you think your local school, playground, or park could use a buddy bench, contact the pros over at Outdoor School Furniture. They’d be happy to explain all of the benefits of a buddy bench and how it can be delivered to your location. Give them a call today!

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