How Much Does a School Table Cost?

Outdoor school tables allow your school’s staff, teachers, and students to spend quality time outside, take a lunch break outdoors, and have a place to rest outside. There are many types of outdoor tables you can choose from, including picnic tables or personalized tables. The cost of your school’s outdoor picnic table depends on the many factors.

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One key factor in determining how much your school will end up paying for school tables is scale. Scale refers to the size of the tables and accompanying seats. Groups and individuals use school picnic tables. You will want to make sure that the seating at each table leaves enough room to accommodate large numbers of people while allowing for ample personal space for individuals. The cost of different-sized tables can cost roughly $700 to $1,000 per table at school furniture retail stores.


Another factor that influences the cost of outdoor school tables is what material they are made from. Metal tables are usually made from aluminum, steel, or both. Their strength, resistance to damage from weather and physical force, and longevity make metal one of the best school table materials. Aluminum and steel are also corrosion resistance, and if you have them coated in thermoplastic (which comes in several colors), will be protected from UV damage. Metal tables can cost around $300-$1,500 from online school table retailers.

Concrete is another great material for outdoor school tables. Concrete is incredibly versatile and durable, and they are impossible to steal or vandalize because they are heavy. Concrete school tables get permanently colored using organic pigments, or they can be stained with a protective acrylic sealer. Cement is also extremely rigid, due to a combination of small pebbles or glass particles. This gives the table a unique texture, and a sandblaster creates a smooth surface perfect for doing homework, eating a meal, or hanging out with friends. These tables can come at a steep cost, roughly $1,000-$2,200 per item.

School tables can be made from wood or recycled plastic too. Wood gives the table a classic feel and is easily customizable. Plus, they are amazingly affordable, at $300-$900 per table. Each table features different wood species and stains, creating a warm, inviting look. You can have the surface sealed with a water seal about every four months to retain a new look or let them weather into a rich, grayish hue over time.

Recycled plastic tables are made from recycled products, including milk jugs, soda bottles, and plastic bags, and a small amount of stabilizing properties. These tables are great for the environment, won’t splinter, and are graffiti resistant. Plus, you can easily wash off pen, marker, and paint marks and iron out surface scratches and cuts.

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There are different styles of school tables you can choose from. The most popular styles are round and square picnic tables, which usually come with attached seating. You can also get hexagon, octagon, oval, or rectangular tables, which can provide accommodation for 8 to 12 people. These can cost anywhere from $1,000-$3,500. There are also universal access tables, which provide access for people with disabilities who use wheelchairs. These can cost between $400 and $2,000.

One way to create a unique style is to personalize your school’s outdoor tables. You can dedicate a memorial to a teacher or student who made a positive impact on the school or passed away. Engraving your school’s name or motto onto tables can enhance school spirit and foster discussion between teachers and students.

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