How Buddy Benches Help Children Socialize

It doesn’t take long for children to start figuring out what separates them from others. In fact, from a very early age, children notice their differences. Sometimes, these differences lead to children bullying each other, causing loneliness and isolation. That’s why the buddy bench is such a wonderful idea. The whole idea behind buddy benches [...]

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Top 2019 Styles for Personalized Memorial Benches

When a tragic event happens at school, resulting in the loss of one or more lives, the aftermath can leave friends and classmates, school staff members, families, and the surrounding community in a whirlwind of emotions. They often feel shock, confusion, anger, and sadness after such a tragedy. Young students and children, who have little [...]

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What is a Buddy Bench?

Did you know that according to the U.S. Department of Justice, a child is bullied every seven seconds? This is an alarming statistic, especially if you have children. No child should ever feel isolated and alone, especially by their peers. Unfortunately, it’s a situation that’s all too common, especially on school playgrounds. But there is [...]

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4 Reasons to Install a Buddy Bench at Your School

In a recent study, 49% of children in between 4th and 12th grade admitted to being bullied at some point during their school career. The childhood years are hard enough, but when bullying comes into play, it can make life seem lonely and unbearable for some children. For that reason, the Buddy Bench was invented. Buddy [...]

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