2020 Furniture Trends for Schools

Educators are always challenged to get the most out of their school on a limited budget. While it’s not necessarily possible to construct new buildings or get all the equipment you want, there’s a lot to be gained by replacing your old school furniture with new. Every year designers come up with new and creative [...]

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Perks of Buying a Buddy Bench

The idea of the buddy bench was first introduced in 2013 by a young boy named Christian. He felt his elementary school needed a designated place where students could go if they needed someone to play with. The teachers and administrators got on board, and one was soon added to their school playground; from there, [...]

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Top Factors to Consider When Buying a Picnic Table

A picnic table is a great way to enjoy good weather and to socialize with family, friends, coworkers, or classmates. If you’re in the market for a picnic table, it’s important to know about the different types of tables, including regular picnic tables, picnic tables with umbrellas, and metal outdoor tables, that are available. Here’s [...]

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