Best Personalized Bench Styles to Own in 2020

There's no need for school benches to all be the same. It's easy to pick a certain style or logo and stick with it, but this quickly becomes boring and repetitive. Luckily, personalizing a bench to meet your specific needs isn't difficult to do. There are many ways to approach this, and they all have [...]

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Top Advantages of Owning a Picnic Table

School outdoor picnic tables may seem like a small addition to an educational environment, but they offer several advantages. After all, no one likes to stay inside all day, and students are just as susceptible to becoming bored or aggravated as anyone else. Having a change of scenery is hugely beneficial, especially when it gives [...]

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Buddy Bench Styles for Your School Playground

Many elementary schools are catching onto buddy benches quickly. Buddy benches help foster friendship in a playground setting and are designated for finding playmates. If you wanted someone to play with, you could simply sit on the bench, which let other children know you wanted to play. The idea was very successful from the beginning [...]

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Personalized Memorial Benches: Everything You Need to Know

Furniture is used to liven up an interior or exterior space, adding both form and function to enrich our lives. Dressers look nice while storing clothing; beds make sleeping more comfortable and define the look of a room. But furniture also provides a unique opportunity for artistic expression and meaningful messages. While functional furniture is [...]

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Buddy Bench Design Trends of 2019

School should be a welcoming environment where children can learn, play, and support one another. Unfortunately, not all students feel included at school, which can be detrimental to their well-being, academic performance, and long-term success. Children are still in the process of developing communication skills, empathy, and understanding. They may not readily fit in to [...]

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Analyzing the Power of a Picnic Table

While many would view the humble picnic table as just another piece of useful outdoor furniture, few understand the true power it possesses to transform space and the attitudes of those who use it. While that may sound like a grandiose purpose for a simple piece of lawn furniture, picnic tables can anchor behavioral change [...]

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How Much Does a School Table Cost?

Outdoor school tables allow your school’s staff, teachers, and students to spend quality time outside, take a lunch break outdoors, and have a place to rest outside. There are many types of outdoor tables you can choose from, including picnic tables or personalized tables. The cost of your school’s outdoor picnic table depends on the many factors. [...]

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