Paying an Everlasting Tribute with Memorial Benches

If you want to commemorate a member of your school, community, or organization, personalized benches are a classic and dignified way to show your appreciation. They can also show your love, respect, admiration, a legacy, and missing someone who was very dear to your institution.

From university presidents to students who were lost far too soon, many people have been regarded in the form of memorial personalized benches long after their passing. There are many reasons why choosing custom memorial benches is the best everlasting tribute you could select when you want to honor someone.

Bench with Flowers

A Visible Memorial

People will pass a memorial bench every day, taking note of its presence and who it’s meant to regard and pay tribute to. People can choose to sit and remember someone, read their plaque to learn about the person, or simply pass by and acknowledge its presence.

They’re not like any other benches. Memorial benches can be installed indoors or outdoors, and are—like all benches—meant to offer a comfortable seat to passersby and visitors. They can occupy a prominent area of your property, like the front walkway into your facility, or a scenic point in a park or playground. These memorials will be visited every day, so the person who has passed will be remembered and acknowledged for a long time.

Personalized Memorials

Memorial benches can be personalized with text so you can choose to pay tribute to an important passing. Include any information that you’d like, including the person’s name, their nickname or title, the date of their passing (as well as birthdate), and even a short text block about why they were so important or treasured, what their legacy is, and why a member of the public who has encountered this bench should acknowledge this person’s memory. Simply put, why does this person deserve a bench in their honor and tribute? This is your chance to put down in words, for all to see for many years, why this individual matters to you and/or your institution.


Memorial benches are incredibly long-lasting, as all memorials should be. They can withstand the elements, including sunlight and rain. If you invest in one of the best personalized memorial benches, they’ll last even longer without showing signs of damage like rust or paint fading.

Best of all, though, the memorial text or plaque on the bench will be immobile, so it cannot be removed, stolen, or loosened. Not only will it be theft-proof, it won’t be damaged in wind or rain. It’s like an everlasting symbol for the fallen person, whose memory lives on long after their passing. However, it’s more affordable than a memorial monument or mausoleum, something so pricey that it’s reserved for rare occasions, like historical figures.

Memorial Bench

Remember Their Personality and Duties

A memorial bench’s location and style can be used to honor a person in the way that they lived. This puts their presence and memory back in the location that mattered to them most. For instance, memorialize a teacher with a bench in the hallway where their classroom was located, or memorialize a coach by placing a bench in a stadium or practice field.

Personalized memorial benches are available in many different styles and colors, so you can honor the individual in a style that befits them. Visit outdoorschoolfurniture.com to explore the different options so you can pay tribute to someone important to your institution or community.

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