Personalized Memorial Benches: Everything You Need to Know

Furniture is used to liven up an interior or exterior space, adding both form and function to enrich our lives. Dressers look nice while storing clothing; beds make sleeping more comfortable and define the look of a room. But furniture also provides a unique opportunity for artistic expression and meaningful messages. While functional furniture is often overlooked, there are plenty of opportunities to make even the humble bench a memorial for a loved one or important figure. While benches are simple, they’re intended to be permanent fixtures that serve their purpose as places to take a load off. Thanks to modern production advancements, ordinary benches can be easily and affordably transformed into custom memorial benches honoring students, friends, or relatives. Read on to learn more about memorial benches and how simple it is to find them for your school or other public space.

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Memorials Then and Now

Memorials have been used to commemorate the achievements of fallen figures for millennia. Dramatic statuary displays and eloquent text are noble ways to pay tribute. But you can’t sit on a statue or relax on a plaque! Memorial personalized benches allow you to take a much-needed break from your exploring, playing, or other activity while also remembering an important person. Even if you’re a first-grader, you can’t help but wonder who the bench was named after when you’re taking the time to get off your feet in a playground or other public area.

Personalized benches are also popular in schools, where the contributions of valued community members can be recognized in a practical way. Durable construction means that the benches will last for many classes or generations of students. Memorial benches can also be placed in public areas, such as parks and boardwalks. This way, you can immortalize your loved one by placing a bench in a location they once frequented and loved. The best personalized memorial benches marry form and function in an unforgettable location. If you’re honoring a loved one, think of their favorite places to visit while in town, and have a bench placed there in their memory.

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Memorial Benches Today

Today’s furniture suppliers offer several different bench designs, including engraved memorial benches incorporating attached plaques. Their benches are made with rugged steel and cast iron, coated with a thermoplastic finish in your choice of colors. These benches are easy to install with pre-drilled mounting holes and plenty of customization options. Alternatively, there’s a design with decorative latticework backing ideal for outdoor areas. Like the aforementioned option, this bench is made from steel with a thermoplastic coating in a variety of colors and pre-drilled holes for seamless installation. It’s easy to add an engraved brass plaque to turn this hardy bench into a durable memorial.

If you’re looking for the best personalized memorial benches on the market, Outdoor School Furniture has you covered. They can supply with you with high-quality personalized memorial benches to suit your needs, and you need only go online to browse their long-lasting, customizable designs. There’s no reason your memorial can’t be both beautiful and useful. Benches never go out of style, and if you install them facing a beautiful part of your campus, park, or grounds, you can rest assured that you are truly honoring the memory of the loved one or important person you wish to commemorate. Let Outdoor School Furniture be your guide to combining form and function for the ultimate contemporary memorial fixture.

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