Reasons Why Metal Picnic Tables Are Perfect for Outdoor Settings

When selecting outdoor seating for a school or other public area—particularly one where children are going to be using the seating—it’s important that you take numerous things into consideration,m  including durability, affordability, safety, and aesthetics. When you compare all of the options and weigh all of these important factors, you’ll often find that a metal outdoor table is the best option for outdoor settings. What makes this option stand out above the rest? Keep reading to find out, and contact us when you’re ready to order one (or several) of your own.


First and foremost, anything that is going to be permanently outdoors needs to be able to stand up to the elements. Rain, snow, and even sunshine can seriously damage some materials and cause them to decay. Wood, for example, is prone to rot and splintering when exposed to the outdoor elements for too long, even when it’s sealed.

The right kind of metal picnic table won’t be damaged by weather and won’t rust when exposed to moisture. This is because metal tables, as opposed to their aluminum counterparts, are covered in a thermoplastic coating that keeps them from rusting and corroding. The table will last for decades while retaining its structural integrity and beauty.


Any outdoor surface is at risk of being vandalized by someone when no authority figure is around. For example, a kid with a pocket knife can carve words or initials into a wooden picnic table. You also need to consider the damage that spray paint can do. This is a favorite tool of vandals, and it’s a nightmare to clean off of wood and metal alike.

But metal tables that are coated with thermoplastic, as mentioned earlier, are practically vandalism proof. Graffiti can be cleaned off with a simple industrial cleaner. Even better, most of the picnic tables in this style have a perforated table and benches, which means there’s no solid surface for vandals to paint or carve on. No canvas, no graffiti—it’s that simple.

Blue metal picnic table


As we just mentioned, metal tables coated with thermoplastic are incredibly easy to clean. In fact, if there are no vandalism attempts, these kinds of tables are virtually maintenance free! They don’t need to be sanded, refinished, or painted. If the surfaces are perforated, you don’t really even need to worry about cleaning up spills. While an occasional wipe down or spray down might be a good idea, it can be done in just a minute or two, and your picnic table will still look beautiful.


And last but not least are the general aesthetics of these tables. Of course, being low-maintenance and durable means they’ll look newer for longer. But on top of this, they also come in a much wider variety of colors so that you can match the tables to the surrounding outdoor features, such as playgrounds, or even your school’s colors.

If you’re looking for outdoor seating for a school, outdoor picnic tables made from perforated metal with a thermoplastic coating is the best option. Whether you need this kind of picnic table for a school, public playground, or other outdoor setting, contact Outdoor School Furniture today!

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