Tips for Buying Outdoor Chairs for Your School

It’s no secret that school budgets tend to be tight. Administrators must find creative ways to manage their resources and still meet the needs of staff and students. Capital expenditures should hold up to the rigors of everyday activities and, ideally, require minimal maintenance. Additionally, with many schools being short of space, they are forced to get increasingly creative to find additional areas to meet student needs. Cost-effective chairs and the right outdoor school furniture can transform outside areas into easily maintained, long-lasting, multi-use spaces for your school.

Outdoor School Furniture

Start with Analyzing the Space

Determine the space size and how it will be used. Outdoor spaces can easily double as meeting locations, eating areas, and outdoor classroom learning environments. There are a variety of chair styles to choose from, including barstools, elevated bar chairs, perforated chairs, and the stylish, curved-back Northgate chairs. Choose from innovative ideas such as picnic table-style arrangements with benches and umbrellas and attached chairs. Or, purchase unattached tables to match up with the outdoor chairs you’ve chosen. Add coordinating trash receptacles to enhance the visual appeal of the space.

Evaluate the Construction

Durability is essential for school outdoor furniture, especially chairs. Look for solid construction, with features like heavy-duty galvanized steel, or steel tube frames. Choose furniture with thermoplastic finishes, which don’t chip, peel, or crack. These finishes keep outdoor furniture surfaces cooler in warmer weather, and they don’t emit harmful chemicals when exposed to high temperatures. They create a rust-resistant finish that’s just as effective in high-moisture or salty, humid, ocean air. Plus, you can clean thermoplastic-finish furniture using a mild, all-purpose cleaner and a soft cloth. Spray paint doesn’t easily adhere to thermoplastic surfaces. Remove unwanted graffiti using a little WD-40.

Choose Inviting, Impactful Colors

Outdoor chairs and school furniture can be ordered in a wide array of colors. Colorful spaces are not only inviting, but they also have a significant impact on emotions. Choose outdoor furniture in official school colors or create a space focusing on specific color palettes. Mix and match colors for added variety or choose a consistent, single color. Scientific studies show that there is a direct correlation between color preferences, student performance, and mood. For example, the colors blue and green tend to be relaxing colors, which would work well in common areas where students congregate. Orange and red spark critical thinking and help with detail-oriented tasks, which is great for multi-functional areas. Yellow is popular for play areas because children see it as a happy color.

The Importance of Outdoor Social Spaces

A child’s learning opportunities at school aren’t just confined to the classroom. One of the most important aspects of a student’s learning is socialization. During break or recess time, children have the opportunity to interact with their peers and discover a sense of self. Creating seating areas where students can gather together and develop their social skills begins with colored, comfy, durable chairs, and other outdoor furniture, such as picnic tables. Add bike racks that accommodate bikes or scooters. Install personalized benches to memorialize a lost student or staff member or to recognize individual or school achievements.

Learn More

You’ll find full-color examples of our products on our website along with descriptions of features at https://outdoorschoolfurniture.com/products-guide/# as well as color swatches at https://outdoorschoolfurniture.com/products-guide/colors/. Whether you’re considering personalized school benches, a buddy bench for schools, or designing a new outdoor eating, learning, or social area, we offer the perfect solutions at Outdoor School Furniture.

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