Tips on How to Select the Best School Outdoor Picnic Table

If you’re a school owner with a vacant outdoor space you want to use, setting up picnic tables is a great way to start. After all, they’re a nice place for a student, visitor, parent, teacher, or even principal to eat and rest. They give off a homey and humble ambiance that can make any establishment more inviting. Plus, they’re generally easy to maintain.

Wooden Picnic Table

Ready to buy them? Before you go out, consider what kind is most suited for your establishment. Here are some tips for buying the best school outdoor picnic tables.

Learn the Types

Picnic tables are categorized based on the material they’re made of. By learning what they are, you’ll have a better idea of which is most appropriate for your institution. Here’s what you need to know about them.

Metal tables are known for their strength and reliability. They’re tough enough to withstand impact; plus, since they’re usually finished with a weather-proof coating, they can hold their own against rain, water, or spilled milk.

Another plus for the steel picnic table is it’s versatile. It can be bolted into the ground, preventing theft or damage from windstorms. There are also foldable options in case you want one that can be placed in various spots around campus.

Aluminum has the same properties as metal. It’s tough, versatile, and resistant to the elements; but, what sets it apart is its weight. It’s extremely light, making it a better choice if you want a picnic table that’s easy to move around.

This one is the toughest among them all. It’s inherently resistant to whatever nature throws at it, whether it’s rain, hail, heat, UV rays, or snow. Plus, since it’s heavy and installed directly on the ground, you can be confident that it won’t budge no matter how strong the storm is. If you want something that’ll last, concrete is a great choice.

The main appeal of wood picnic tables is their appearance. They have a timeless look that goes well with any school exterior, whether surrounded by trees or facilities with a traditional, modern, or post-modern architecture.

But, they’re not only good to look at. Most wood picnic tables are built with metal frames with powder coating to ensure they’re safe for the outdoors. They’re also portable and storable, making them a great option if you want to bring out more seats during school events.

Recycled Plastic
Using recycled picnic tables is the right choice for schools with a pro-environment policy. They’re made of highly dense reprocessed polyethylene plastics like milk jugs and gallon containers.

Also, these tables have properties that allow them to withstand extreme weather conditions. Since they’re made of polyethylene plastics, they won’t crack, peel, warp, or rot. They’re also safe from mold and mildew, as well as termites and other bugs.

Aluminum Picnic Table

Consider the Form

Already have a type in mind? Your next step is to consider its appearance. Here are some things you should factor in.

  • Capacity – The standard picnic table can seat 8 to 12 people with around 18 inches of seating space. Younger kids tend to eat or hang out in larger groups, so getting one for this age bracket is ideal. But, if you run a high school or college, a smaller capacity will do.
  • Size – Picnic tables come in lengths of 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 feet. You need to pick one that fits the area you’re placing them in. Measure all dimensions so you can maximize the horizontal and vertical spaces.
  • Shape – While picnic tables are round or polygonal (square, rectangle, hexagon, and so on), there are unique selections like pedestal, single-sided, and ADA-accessible. These are best used in oddly shaped rooms or lots.
  • Design – Picnic tables come in different colors. There are also patterned surfaces like diamond, wave, perforated edge, and slat. Depending on what the rest of the room or space looks like, you may want to adjust your choice, so they don’t stick out from the rest of the theme.

Make your establishment a comfortable place to be by setting up school picnic tables. Head over to Outdoor School Furniture to learn more about this topic or buy from their selections.

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