What is a Buddy Bench?

Did you know that according to the U.S. Department of Justice, a child is bullied every seven seconds? This is an alarming statistic, especially if you have children. No child should ever feel isolated and alone, especially by their peers. Unfortunately, it’s a situation that’s all too common, especially on school playgrounds. But there is at least one solution to the problem. Buddy benches are taking schoolyards by storm and inviting children from all walks of life to come together and play.

What Is a Buddy Bench?

A buddy bench isn’t a new concept. In fact, in some cultures, they’ve been around for decades. Sometimes known as a friendship bench, they look no different from other benches that you may find in a park or on a playground, except for one key difference. On each buddy bench, you’ll find a plaque or a sign indicating that it’s a buddy bench. Some may be brightly painted while others may be plain. However it looks, it provides a welcome option for someone who may be in need of a friend.

Boys on Bench


How Does It Work?

Buddy benches are placed throughout schoolyards and parks as a way to provide those who are lonely with an opportunity to meet new friends. If a child needs someone to talk to, or doesn’t have anyone to play with, they sit on the buddy bench. Children then see this child sitting on the buddy bench and invite him or her to come play. In some cases, another child may sit on the buddy bench and talk with the other child, simply giving them comfort as needed.

The Benefits

There are many different benefits associated with having a buddy bench. Perhaps the most important is that it creates an easy way for children to reach out for help if they need it. Rather than having to find an adult, teacher, or friend to speak to, they simply have to sit on the buddy bench. This is an automatic indication that the child is in need of attention. Whether the issue is something trivial or something serious, it’s the perfect way to encourage the child to lean on others if they need it.

Girls on Bench


Buddy benches also encourage children to think outside of themselves and serve others. When a buddy bench is installed, children are then taught about how to use it. They’re instructed to be a friend to those who sit on the bench and to find ways to include them. It’s an easy way to combat bullying and encourage friendships.  After it’s installed, you’ll notice children rushing up to a lonely classmate seated on the bench. A buddy bench is an instant peacemaker and gives children the chance to include everyone.

buddy bench is the perfect addition to any schoolyard. Whether it’s a preschool or a middle school, these unique furnishings are changing the lives of children everywhere. Circles of friends are being expanded and children are learning to reach out when they need help. There’s no better gift to give these kids. Whether you’re looking for a buddy bench plaque or a designated bench, Outdoor School Furniture can help you find the right addition for your school. Shop our complete inventory today!

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