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Not Mounted / Portable – Can be placed on any surface.  No mounting hardware.

Surface Mount – Placed on a concrete / cement surface. Secured with anchors (not provided)

In Ground Mount – For securing into soft ground.  Digging of holes for anchoring is needed.

Mounting Types and Install – Installation Instructions

Not Mounted / Portable:  Portable Mount/Not Mounted furniture may be placed on any surface.  Portable mounts may have surface mount holes in the legs of the furniture, but if the pieces are not secured with bolts and anchors, the furniture may be moved. Not Mounted furniture with a tubular under structure has no surface mounting holes.

Surface Mount:  Surface mount tables and benches are placed on a concrete surface.  Most surface mount fixtures have holes in the legs of the furniture for bolts to be inserted into anchors embedded in concrete. When installing, holes must be drilled into existing concrete surfaces to embed anchors for the bolts. Surface Mount furniture with tubular under structure has discs welded to the under structure which rest flat on the ground so that bolts and anchors can then be secured through the discs.

  In-Ground Mount:  In-ground mounted furniture is placed on a grass or soil surface.  In-ground mounted furniture resembles surface mounted furniture, but includes “J-Rods” to be inserted through the surface mount holes on a piece of furniture. The bottom of the J-Rod is then embedded in a hole filled with concrete. When the concrete cures, the shape of the J-Rod secures the furniture. Benches that have tubular legs and are in-ground mounted do not use J-Rods. Instead, the under structure ends in approximately 18″ of extra pipe with a piece of flat bar welded to the bottom. A deep hole is then dug and filled with concrete. The bench is then set in the concrete to cure.