School Bike Rack

Bike Racks

Offer students and teachers convenience, durability and security with our school-friendly bike racks. Our outdoor bike racks are built for years of use. These racks are weather-resistant, tamper-resistant, and user-friendly for storing varies sizes and types of bikes. The variety of colors can make them fun for the students.

Depending on the size of your classrooms and the needs of your students, we have many sizes available to choose from.

These heavy-duty school bike racks are easy to assemble and install. They’re made with galvanized steel construction. Some models include our thermoplastic coating in twelve colors. You can choose from J-frame racks, which can accommodate a higher number of bikes and scooters, or wave racks. You can also choose to have the racks mounted in-ground or on-surface. We also offer coated cover caps for the mounts.

Feel free to contact us with any questions about choosing bike racks or where and how to install them in your school yard!