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Fostering a school culture of kindness and inclusion is critical to students’ academic success. The safer and happier students feel at school, the more engaged they are in learning. A buddy bench for schools can help. In 2013, a young man named Christian, feeling a need for more kindness at his elementary school, encouraged his elementary school to install one of these benches at his school. He helped his principal educate students about the bench and his story was picked up by numerous news sources. Since then, schools across the nation and the globe are adding these benches to their playgrounds and incorporating them into their community-building programs.

To be effective, these benches must be clearly marked and set apart from other benches and the school community must be educated about how to use the bench. You can teach your students how to use the bench by giving them basic guidelines, such as the following:

  • While sitting on the bench, look around for games and activities you want to join. Once you see something or someone that interests you, get off the bench!
  • If you see a classmate sitting on the bench, go join them and invite them to play.
  • If you are sitting on the bench, say yes to the first person who invites you to join them.
  • Try new things and make new friends!

Most importantly, build enthusiasm about the bench. Everyone has experienced feeling a little lost and overwhelmed. These benches are a simple and safe way for students to reach out to others around them. Making new friends and finding new activities to love is an exciting part of everyone’s school experience!

If you are searching for where to buy one of these fantastic benches for your school, look no further than Outdoor School Furniture. We have a number of excellent buddy benches for sale on our website. In fact, Outdoor School Furniture is featured on Christian’s website as a recommended source for schoolyard benches and you won’t find a better one anyplace else. Our buddy bench designs are colorful and inviting. You can even add your own friendly message to the back of the bench that reflects your school culture and invites students to sit and look for new friendship opportunities!

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These friendly benches are a wonderful addition to any playground or schoolyard. Their bright colors and personalized messages encourage friendship and kindness. Place them in open and oft-traveled locations so they will be easily and frequently used.

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Our benches are made from 11-gauge galvanized steel. We have a variety of bench styles, sizes, and colors to choose from, so you’re certain to find on that will fit your school. Our benches also have three different mounting options: portable, surface, and in-ground. These benches typically feature a message on the back that invites students to sit and take advantage of the comfortable spot. You can use one of our standard designs or create your own design and message specific to your student culture. Be creative and express yourself! With our engraved benches, your students will be happier and feel safer! Contact us today.

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