Top Factors to Consider When Buying a Picnic Table

A picnic table is a great way to enjoy good weather and to socialize with family, friends, coworkers, or classmates. If you’re in the market for a picnic table, it’s important to know about the different types of tables, including regular picnic tables, picnic tables with umbrellas, and metal outdoor tables, that are available. Here’s what you need to think about before you make a purchase.

Wheelchair accessible table

Available Space

The first thing to consider is how much space you have available. This not only helps you determine what size and shape of table to purchase, but it can help you think of different configurations so that you can accommodate multiple tables or even mix and match styles to provide the most seating. When determining how many tables you need or where to place them, make sure the tables are in natural gathering spaces and that you provide enough space in between tables to allow some privacy and access for ADA requirements.


In addition to making sure there’s space to maneuver for ADA requirements, you should think about finding a table that meets those needs as well, especially if your table will be in a commercial setting. There are tables that provide access so that wheelchairs can be accommodated and are still able to fit numerous people at the table. If you need such a table, make sure it has the International Symbol of Access (the symbol of a person in a wheelchair) on it.


There are many styles of tables to choose from. There are traditional rectangle tables that seat six to ten people as well as round, square, octagon, oval, and hexagon tables. Some people prefer these other shapes because they can be a little easier to access and are often a little more intimate, making them ideal for something like an outdoor café table. Consider the seating needs you’re addressing as well as personal taste when choosing the style of table.


Materials are a big factor to consider as well. There are wood tables with steel legs that are durable, but you may need another material depending on how much use your table will get as well as how exposed it is to weather conditions. Aluminum tables often have a powder coat finish applied. Powder-coated steel is even more durable and resistant to corrosion. Thermoplastic coating on steel tables has UV protective additives to help it last longer and is available in a matte or glossy finish.

Variety of picnic tables

Weather Protection

When choosing the material of your picnic table, you should consider the weather conditions and how to help the table last longer if it’s going to be outdoors all year long. In addition, think about the color and how the placement can affect heat absorption. Choose a lighter color for sunny areas or consider a table with an umbrella to keep the table area cooler.


There are many options for how you can have your metal outdoor table installed. If the table is going to be there long term, you can consider an in-ground mount that uses a single pedestal base that’s secured into the ground with concrete. A surface mount is a good choice if you need to secure the table into concrete that’s already been poured. If you want the table to be portable, you can use surface mount clamps to move the tables when needed without risking undesired movement.

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