Our Thermoplastic Coating

What is our thermoplastic coating? Our outdoor tables and benches for schools are covered in a copolymer-based thermoplastic powder coating. Thermoplastic is environmentally safe. The coating will not fade, crack, peel, warp, or discolor for the life of the product. Thermoplastic has the best adhesion rate of any other process. This keeps the metal [...]

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Reasons Why Metal Picnic Tables Are Perfect for Outdoor Settings

When selecting outdoor seating for a school or other public area—particularly one where children are going to be using the seating—it’s important that you take numerous things into consideration,m  including durability, affordability, safety, and aesthetics. When you compare all of the options and weigh all of these important factors, you’ll often find that a metal [...]

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Tips for Buying Outdoor Chairs for Your School

It’s no secret that school budgets tend to be tight. Administrators must find creative ways to manage their resources and still meet the needs of staff and students. Capital expenditures should hold up to the rigors of everyday activities and, ideally, require minimal maintenance. Additionally, with many schools being short of space, they are forced [...]

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How a Buddy Bench Improves Inclusiveness During Recess

If there’s one thing all parents worry about, it’s their child feeling lonely or isolated at school. It doesn’t matter the age; the thought of your child struggling to connect with peers is a common fear. That’s because most parents know that feeling included, building relationships, and having a sense of belongingness is an important [...]

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2020 Furniture Trends for Schools

Educators are always challenged to get the most out of their school on a limited budget. While it’s not necessarily possible to construct new buildings or get all the equipment you want, there’s a lot to be gained by replacing your old school furniture with new. Every year designers come up with new and creative [...]

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