Different Color Options Available for School Benches

Outdoor school benches give students, staff, and visitors a place to get a few moments’ rest. Just as there are many different kinds of bench styles, there are endless color options too. Here are some of the colors available for your next outdoor school bench.

Children on brown bench near playground

Metal Benches

Not only are metal school benches for outdoor areas strong and durable, but they can also maintain a paint job for an ultra-long time. The paint used on metal benches for schools is a weather-resistant finish. You can choose a traditional green, or go for something bolder, like navy, burgundy, orange, or purple.

And if you want to add some school spirit, you can proudly display your school’s name on the bench’s back in complimentary colors. The best part is that the color you choose to paint your benches are included in the school bench price.

Wooden Benches

Wooden benches mix comfort with a woodsy vibe that blends in seamlessly with the natural beauty of outdoor areas around your school. These benches can be made from several types of wood, including cedar, pine, eucalyptus, dagwood, and so on. When you choose a wooden school bench to buy, you can enhance the wood’s natural characteristics with a stain. The stain can match the wood’s color, or be lighter or darker, depending on your school’s preference.

Another option is to add a pop of color, like canary yellow, lime green, or chili pepper red, to make the bench more visible.

Recycled Plastic Benches

If your school is located on or near the coast, recycled plastic outdoor benches are an environmentally friendly option that is easy to maintain, and resistant to rotting and warping. These benches look like a modern version of the classic wooden bench. You can choose a variety of colors, like black, white, blue, red, cedar, etc., for the main part of the bench. Add a contrasting color, like black or green, to the frame to create a contemporary look to your outdoor school bench that will last for years.

Children reading books on bench

Concrete Benches

Concrete is one of the heaviest materials you can get an outdoor school bench made from. This style provides a minimalist look that allows students, staff, and visitors to concentrate on the natural beauty around them. Concrete benches can be made with glass particles, which creates a sparkly surface that is easily visible from a distance.

These benches are available in several textures, including acid washed and weathered stone. You can choose to have the benches painted in natural tones, like buff, sand, brick red, and so on, or add a bold color, like red, blue, yellow, or green, to create a playful look.

Aluminum Benches

If your school ever needs additional seating outdoors, aluminum benches are a great choice. Lightweight and easy to transport, this type of bench are rot- and fade-resistant. You can buy aluminum benches in the natural silver color, or painted to look like wood. Aluminum benches can be painted using a powder-coat finish. There are several colors to choose from, including green, red, gold, gray, tan, and dark brown. You can choose an all-over color for the whole bench, or leave the seat silver and paint the backrest to create a fun look everyone can enjoy.

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