4 Elements That Impact How Much a School Picnic Table Costs

When it comes to making a purchase for your school, we know that cost is an important factor. Schools individually and districts as a whole run on strict budgets that must be considered before any type of buying decision. While you might not think much about buying a few school picnic tables, they are still a cost to the school. It’s important to also think about what makes up the cost of a picnic table so you can make the best choice for your school and students.

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While wooden picnic tables are an option, the most typical picnic tables at schools are made from a combination of metal and steel. These industrial materials are great because they stand up against the elements and can last for many years. The use of these materials, however, does have an impact on the cost. Since school tables made with metal and steel can last for a decade, they are priced accordingly. Keep this in mind as you review all of the table options and compare materials.


There are a variety of styles of school picnic tables available for purchase. Your school doesn’t have to settle for just rectangular tables with connected benches. Depending on the size of the outdoor space, you can choose a new and different style of table. Among the standard type of table that you’ve probably seen in many schools, you also have the option to purchase picnic tables that are:

  • Round with attached benches
  • Square with attached benches
  • Round and tall without benches
  • Square and tall without benches
  • Round or square with an umbrella
  • Octagonal with attached benches

Schools also have the opportunity to choose from a variety of colors for the tables and benches, including blue, brown, purple, green, and red. Choose a color that complements your building or matches your school colors!


Once you have considered the materials and style of an outdoor picnic table for your school, you will have to decide which size table is right. How many students do you expect to use these tables at any given time? Depending on the size of your student body and outdoor space, you may need a lot of small tables or just a few larger picnic tables. The size of each individual table will directly impact the cost, but it’s important to look at the total cost for all necessary tables in addition to the cost per table.

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It is important to remember that shipping will also be included in the cost of outdoor school picnic tables. Make sure to check the location of the selling company in comparison to your school district. Since picnic tables are big and heavy, there tend to be higher shipping costs. Don’t let this pricing come as a shock at the end of your purchasing process. Instead, inquire right away about shipping costs and include it in the entire discussion as you choose new school picnic tables.

The pricing of school picnic tables can vary significantly depending on these four elements. The materials, style, size, and shipping all contribute to the overall cost of each table. If your school or school district needs picnic tables, Outdoor School Furniture can help! Call us today to discuss table options and pricing. We can ensure your district makes the right choice for outdoor picnic tables that students and staff will enjoy for many years to come.


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