The Many Benefits of Having Metal Picnic Tables

If you work for a school or school district, you know that one of the most important factors in a well-run school is the quality of its equipment. Besides learning materials, this extends to the furniture as well. Not just desks and chairs, but the outdoor furniture where kids eat and gather at lunch can have a surprising impact on the quality of a child’s time at school. Here are a few reasons why outdoor metal tables are the best option for your school.

46Inch Octagonal Perforated Metal Table


Thermoplastic Coating

You may not have heard of thermoplastic coating before, but you’ve definitely encountered it. When you order metal picnic tables, you’re not getting raw metal. Your new metal tables will be covered in a material that utilizes plastic polymers to protect and strengthen the table. By dipping the entire table in a bath of polyethylene, every square inch of the table is covered, giving it the smooth surface with which you’re likely familiar. Not only does this result in the bench having a softer and safer surface, but it makes it resistant to rust and weather damage as well. It will suffer no ill effects from regular exposure to the sun, and moss and fungus can’t affect it either.

Maintenance is a Snap

When you rely on metal furniture, you’ll never have to worry about maintenance ever again. Wooden picnic tables are vulnerable to all sorts of problems. They need to be properly sealed and regularly painted. They fade in the sun and can be destroyed by extreme weather, not to mention termites. Metal picnic tables, on the other hand, are impervious to moisture thanks to their coating. Since water runs right off them, they’re unlikely to stain, and if you need to clean them, you can just spray them down or wash them with a little soap and water.

Tagger Unfriendly

There’s something else that metal tables are impervious to – spray paint. The paint is unable to adhere to the thermoplastic coating, so graffiti and tagging a metal table is next to impossible. If some paint does stick, it can be easily removed with industrial cleaners or WD-40. Furthermore, it’s tough and perforated surface discourages other types of vandalism, such as etching and scratching or the use of pens and pencils.

Kids Sitting at Lunch Table

Our Tables look great at different placements around campus. Also, because the tables aren’t impacted by UV rays, you’ll never have to worry about either the colors or the design fading as the years go on.

When you’re ready to upgrade your school with flashy new metal picnic tables, contact the professionals at Outdoor School Furniture. We’re the #1 source for outdoor tables in the US, and we have the best outdoor furniture to meet your school’s needs. Call us today at (888) 719-3330.

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  1. Cole Webb August 12, 2022 at 11:35 AM - Reply

    The thermoplastic coating and the powder coated legs stop rust effectively for 10+ years

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